Don’t Stop Kissing Frogs

From My Lily Pad to Yours…


You know it’s time to begin writing, what sounded like [in my head] a great story idea after the first or second dating mishap. So, when I received an alert on my cell phone indicating I had a new message from (insert dating app here), I checked it at once. Wouldn’t you?

Busybee: I remember you

Me: (in my head) I remember you too, Jack$$ but I’m going to pretend like I don’ t for a second because you told me some stupid story about why you couldn’t take me out on a real date after we made out in the middle of the night. You do, do you?

Busybee: You don’t remember me?

Me: Do I continue to make him think I don’t remember him? I mean, he does look different and it did take me a second to recognize him in these new pictures but it’s definitely AllStarr…Let me guess. We talked or “texted” for about two weeks. We never ended up going out in public, or maybe we did and then you vanished?

Busybee: ummmm… That’s royally messed up because we definitely slept together!

Me: How come he suddenly cares? We had a sleepover?